Scoring System

Animation: Analysed uses a detailed system to rate its animated films. Points are given for several categories – Animation Quality, Plot Quality, Emotional Level, Maturity Level, Characters, Dialogue, Music, Message, and Enjoyability –  on a scale of 0 to 5.

  • Animation Quality – how good the animation is.
  • Plot Quality – how well-written the story is.
  • Emotional Level – measures the level of emotion in the film.
  • Maturity Level – measures the level of maturity of each film.
  • Characters – how well-crafted the personalities of the characters are.
  • Dialogue – indicates how good the dialogue of the characters is.
  • Music – what the quality of the soundtrack is – both the score and the songs are judged.
  • Message – does the film have a greater theme about the real world?
  • Enjoyability – how much fun the film is to watch.

The points are then added up to give a total out of 45, which is then converted to a score out of 10 to one decimal place. A verdict will be given at the end, summing up the quality of the film in a brief statement.

Scoring System

1-1.9 Abysmal
2-2.9 Very Poor
3-3.9 Poor
4-4.9 Below Average
5-5.9 Average
6-6.9 Reasonable
7-7.9 Good
8-8.9 Excellent
9-9.9 Outstanding
10      Perfect

Guest Reviews

Guests are encouraged to add their own reviews and ratings in the Comments for each review. This will help create a Public Average rating for each reviewed film.


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